There’s not a lot to tell and most of what there is I’m not telling anyway.  I was born in 1958 and therefore far too old to be trying to get my head around putting together a slick, smart website, so all you get is this dreck. 

Anyone recognising the title of the website will be correct in guessing I like the books of Douglas Adams.

I started playing poker online in 2009 and would love to tell you that after a meteoric rise, I’m about to take my seat at the WSOP final table, but that would be something of an exaggeration and I’m still donking around in micro limit cash tables, MTTs and freerolls at Sky Poker. 

The time I used to spend doing a little backyard astronomy now seems to be taken up with poker, but still trying to find some balance between the two.

I’m a big baseball fan and have been playing fantasy baseball for many years, on the whole unsuccessfully.

Most of what appears on this site will be related to these three topics, however, when I’m feeling particularly grumpy, diatribes on other subjects may make an appearance from time to time.


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